Montenegro and European Union

montenegro_illustration4bisMontenegro is set to become a new member of the NATO but its path to the full membership became questioned after the election of Donald Trump as the US President. Russia has been a fierce opponent of Montenegro’s membership but the leadership of the small Adriatic nation is determined to pursue this goal.

Euractiv already wrote that Mr Trump is set to meet with NATO leaders in Europe in May, so it remains to be seen if he will keep a strong US involvement in the Alliance or if he will pursue some of his promises from the election campaign and focus on “America first”. Trump, who often criticized NATO as outdated, has praised Putin and vowed to improve relations between Washington and Moscow.

Montenegro has been in the centre of attention recently when the group which was supposedly connected with Russia tried to organize an alleged coup d’etat during the election night. Balkans is once again a zone under pressure and its geo-strategic importance includes varied not only US, Russia and EU zone where different

Politico recently wrote that White House national security adviser Michael Flynn will recommend that President Donald Trump support Montenegro’s bid to join NATO. This has come as a positive news after a relatively ‘quiet’ period, with growing speculations that Trump might possibly block NATO’s further enlargement. NATO’s rules require unanimous support from all member states.



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