Montenegro and European Union

Montenegrin students held several protests during the course of last few months. In the beggining, protests were oriented toward improvement of conditions related to studying. Latest protest was organized for the first time by students of Political Sciences Faculty in capital Podgorica. But, their messages on transparents were broader and stronger: We don’t want to be members of the party, we want to work! The message clearly targets the well-known practice of getting a job in Montenegro – you have to be a member of ruling Democratic Partner of Socialists – DPS (or their junior government partner, Socialist Democratic Party – SDP), otherwise you will probably not have any chance.

Another central protest of all major student organizations in Montenegro is scheduled for November 17th. It seems that Government thought it would be wise to react in advance, and they already announced a new project, which will deal with youth unemployment, and particulary with issues that students might have while searching for their first job. In addition, Prime Minister Igor Luksic, held a meeting with representatives of student organizations, and told them that “Time of socialism is over”. He explained that people should accept all offers on the job market, regardless of their skills and level of education.

However, Montenegrin medias noted that it seems so interesting to hear such a statement from Prime Minister who comes from Democratic Party of Socialists. Of course, it is not the first time that such a thing happens in the ruling DPS party, because both – current PM Luksic, as well as long-standing ex-prime minister Djukanovic (currently president of DPS party), are both supporters and followers of neo-liberal economic policies, promoted by well-known professor of economics – Dr Veselin Vukotic.

It remains to be seen what reaction (if any) will be from the group of European Socialists and Progressives, because the DPS party is officially member of their organization.

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