Montenegro and European Union

Montenegrin daily “Vijesti” reported that Germany and France have set out additional conditions for Montenegro, in order to get the date for start of negotiations with the EU. According to this report, Montenegro should amend the Constitution by the end of the year in the fields of the judiciary, report regulary to Brussels regarding number of investigations, arrests and convictions for corruption scandals, and the penalties for conflict of interest.

This, among other things, is written in the annex “non-paper” that Germany and France had sent to the European Commission and EU member states. The two most powerful EU members suggest that the decision on opening negotiations can not be made at the EU summit in December but at “one of the next European Council, perhaps in June 2012.” The common view of Paris and Berlin was presented a few days before October 12th when the European Commission recommended that the EU opens negotiations with Montenegro.

In an informal document, presented by Montenegrin independent daily “Vijesti”, it is required that Montenegro fully implements the Law on Public Servants, so that it “fully meet the criteria of independence and professionalism.”

Germany and France were of the view that Montenegro should be submitted a long list of new conditions to be fulfilled, especially when it comes to fighting corruption and organized crime.

In the annex to the “non-paper”, an informal document without the memorandum, signature and seal, it is stated what Montenegro should do further in all seven criteria, which actually represent seven new extremely harsh conditions.

It also suggests that “the Montenegrin government must demonstrate, through regular reports to the provisions of the new electoral law in practice.”

You can find the original article in Montenegrin language here.

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