Montenegro and European Union

Daily newspaper “Vijesti” brought an intwerview with former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro – Branko Lukovac. He said that “European enlargement agenda is currently on the second place and it is good that the Montenegrin Prime Minister Igor Luksic publicly pointed to the possibility that the decision to start negotiations with Montenegro might be postponed”.

Prime Minister Luksic spoke at Parliament of Montenegro on Wednesday and stated that “it would not be surprising if the enlargement issues will not to be on the agenda of the European Council meeting in December”, because, as he explained, the immediate priority of the European Union at the moment is to address the economic situation. (source: Vijesti)

A day earlier, former PM and president of the ruling DPS party – Milo Djukanovic, stated that as much as progress in the process of European integration of Montenegro is important, it’s not a target itself, and the future priority will be two challenges concerning the struggle against the effects of the global crisis and the continuation of the spiritual foundation of Montenegro after the independence. (source: Vijesti)

Fore-mentioned statements came just weeks after first speculations that new eurosceptic movements in Montenegrin leadership are occuring. You can read more in our previous article: First signs of Euro-scepticism among Montenegrin leaders?


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