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Media call Suad Muratbasic “the first Montenegrin whistle-blower”, but the prosecution didn’t even start to investigate those claims, even though several criminal charges were filed.

After similar big scandal, when several policemen (Enver Dacic and Mithat Nurkovic) from northern Montenegrin town of Rozaje spoke out on cross-border smuggling and had to leave Montenegro as a consequence, now the first police officer who has publicly spoken about political activism of policemen- Suad Muratbasic, had to leave Montenegro too!

In 2007, Muratbasic has admitted that he agitated for the ruling DPS party and he was immediately fired after that, reports the TV “Vijesti”. Fired policeman is currently in Brussels, Belgium, and he contacted Montenegrin medias from there. “I will get an attorney here,” said Muratbasic and announced he would seek political asylum in Belgium where he went with his five-member family. “I have to do this”, he stated to TV “Vijesti” before leaving Montenbegro. Suad Muratbasic also said that “he left because, he was discriminated in his own country.”

He has publicly admitted that he forced 34 relatives to vote for the ruling DPS party, and that he was promised an award for doing that.

It is widely known fact that before every elections, ruling party in Montenegro engages all the state machinery into pressuring wide range of citizens groups, to vote for them. Since Montenegro is a small country and has population of about 620.000, those activities can clearly be decisive in winning elections. Opposition parties claim that it is also one of the reasons why Montenegro still never experienced change of the ruling party, even though it introduced democratic system since more than 20 years ago. (you can read here more about undemocratic practices in Montenegrin elections) Even though this practice is fully undemocratic and recognized as a problem by all relevant international election-monitoring organizations, the ruling party in Montenegro continues with it, since majority of the people refuse to report such activites, because pressure and fear are prevalent, especially in smaller towns and villages.

The media named Muratbasic “the first Montenegrin whistle-blower”. He was fired with brief explanation that he is reduntant, shortly after speaking in public about the undemocratic practices during elections.

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