Montenegro and European Union

Montenegro expects to get European Union candidate status in November. Despite that, many big problems remain unsolved and severl EU officials warned that Montenegro must make stronger efforts to solve issues of corruption, organized crime and independent judiciary system. Also, there are growing expectations that current Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic will leave the politics soon, since many consider him as a reason for country’s numerous problems. (read here interesting article “Waiting for Djukanovic” from The Economist as well as “EU would like to see Djukanovic replaced by Luksic” by Waz.EUobserver)

“I expect Montenegro will get a (EU) recommendation for candidacy status in November. I think we deserve that after what we did so far with economic and democratic reforms,” Milo Djukanovic told a news conference during a visit to Slovenia. (read the full article from Reuters)

Also, EU Parliament’s president Jerzy Buzek stated out that Montenegro still has to allay serious concerns over reform of its judicial system before it can be accepted as EU member. Mr Buzek attended the first meeting of the stabilisation and association parliamentary committee between the European parliament and the Montenegrin parliament that was held on September 29th 2010. (read the article “Montenegro ‘still much to do’ before it can join EU” from The Parliament Magazine)

At the first joint meeting of the Parliamentary Committee for Stabilisation and Association (PCSA) between Parliament of Montenegro and European Parliament the MPs unanimously adopted a Declaration expressing their expectation of a positive Opinion on Montenegro’s application for EU membership. The Declaration was sent to the Council for Stabilisation and Association as well as to Montenegrin and EU institutions. After the meeting, European MP’s and EU officials urged Montenegro to undertake more concrete actions to fight organised crime and ensure full freedom of media, and criticised Montenegro for devastating the environment and violating rights of LGBT population. MEP’s called on to the authorities to undertake further steps to decriminalise defamation and expressed regret at the deplorable statements by the Minister for Human and Minority Rights Ferhat Dinosa about LGBT population. (read more about MNE-EU news at European Pulse magazine)

Also, on 14th September 2010, Montenegro and EU agreed on security procedures for exchange of classified information. (read more here)

In the meantime, more articles with critical approach towards Montenegro and its government emerged in international press. Here are some excerpts:

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