Montenegro and European Union

The unsatisfactory security situation in Montenegro and the inefficiency of state and its

institutions in the fight against organised crime were once again pointed out by many foreign media.

Magazine Economist wrote about „Balkan imbroglio“ and stated that drug-smuggling episode is creating new tensions in the Balkan region.

Late last year, in an operation dubbed “Balkan Warrior”, police in South America seized 2.7 tonnes of cocaine, most of it from a yacht moored in Uruguay. Almost six months on, the reverberations are being felt on the other side of the world. Serbia has indicted Darko Saric and 19 associates, accusing them of smuggling drugs from South America to Europe. Mr Saric hails from Pljevlja, in Montenegro, but is a Serbian citizen. The Serbs have confiscated more than 25 properties which they claim belong to him or to his associates. The Serbian government is trumpeting this as a crackdown on organised crime. But the Balkan Warrior story is now damaging relations between Serbia and Montenegro.

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Serbian newspaper Blic, brings a story “Saric continues smuggling cocaine from Montenegro”.

“a drug-dealing boss on Interpole wanted list issued by Serbian authorities three months ago, is still smuggling cocaine from South America to Europe. As ‘Blic’ learns exclusively, at the end of March almost one hundred kilos of cocaine confiscated in a West European port are suspected to have been smuggled to Europe for Darko Saric”

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Another Serbian media – B92 published article titled „Montenegro got millions from drug boss”. Suspected drug smuggling kingpin Darko Saric gave one million euros out of each cocaine shipment to several top state officials in Montenegro.

Saric and his gang are suspected of attempting to smuggle 2.7 tons of cocaine from South America last year. The shipment was intercepted in the joint operation launched by police and intelligence agencies from Serbia, Europe, and the U.S. According to the Blic article, Saric was shipping his cocaine to Mediterranean ports in Greece and Spain. “In return, he was provided with logistics for smuggling the drugs from South America to Europe, undisturbed money laundering through Montenegrin banks, transfers via offshore companies as well as ties with the political leadership”.
“For each smuggled cocaine shipment Saric paid one million euros in cash to Montenegro,“ says the daily’s source close to the investigation.

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Montenegro Economy Shrinks, Government Now Selling Passports to Survive

Another negative article about Montenegrin government and its officials appeared on the Live Trading News web site:

Article states that: Montenegro will draw a direct economic benefit from granting citizenship to ousted Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, the Balkan country’s finance minister told Reuters on Wednesday. The country it seems is so desperate for anything it has resorted to selling passports to fugatives to fund the Government, a bad sign for the future of Montenegro.“

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