Montenegro and European Union

Montenegro: NATO’s next member?

Foreign Policy magazine published an article about Montenegrin bid to join NATO, and interviewed Prime Minister of Montenegro- Mr Milo Djukanovic. Here are excerpts from the story:

Montenegro’s Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic is a fascinating man. After rising to prominence at an early age as an ally of Slobodan Milosevic, Djukanovic turned against the Serbian leader in 1996 and became the key figure in Montenegro’s push for sovereignty and independence from the former Yugoslavian states.

He has been a controversial figure in European politics, facing charges of organized crime and extensive cigarette trafficking, but has always managed to come out of the fray unharmed. Now in his third stint as the head of government, Djukanovic is leading Montenegro’s push for NATO membership.

His country has just been granted Membership Action Plan status for NATO membership, a step neither Georgia nor Ukraine has been afforded. That was the main issue on the agenda when Djukanovic came to Washington last month to meet with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Vice President Joseph Biden, and lawmakers.

Read the full article and interview here.

Montenegro – EU political dialogue in Brussels (Frebruary 23rd 2010)

EU officials praised Montenegro for progress in EU-related reforms but noted much more must be done for membership. A Montenegro-EU political dialogue was held in Brussels and Spanish Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Angel Lossada stated that Podgorica has made “significant progress” in adopting the acquis, and added that he expects ratification of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement to be completed soon. European Commission Director General for Enlargement, Michael Leigh, explained that commission is currently drafting its opinion of Podgorica’s EU membership application. (RTCG, Portalanalitika – 23/02/10)

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