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Montenegrin Police has confirmed that Mr Thaksin Shinawatra arrived in Montenegro on March 13th 2010, with his private airplane from Dubai. Police stated that “Mr Shinawatra is a holder of Montenegrin passport and he currently resides in Montenegro”.

Hundreds of thousands of anti-government protesters have once again assembled in Thailand’s capital to give support to Thaksin Shinawatra and seek removal of government led by Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, which they call illegitimate and undemocratic.

Mr Shinawatra is a Thai businessman who was Prime Minister of Thailand from 2001 to 2006, when he was deposed in a military coup and convicted for conflict of interests and corruption.

He is said to be one of the richest people in Thailand, with billions – 76.6 billion baht (about US$2.3 billion dollars). That is the total value of his and his family’s assets that are currently frozen in Thailand. But there is speculation that he has a great deal more money elsewhere. (CNN)

However, the Shinawatra government also faced allegations of corruption, authoritarianism, conflicts of interest, acting non-diplomatically, and attacking the freedom of speech. Thaksin was accused of tax evasion and selling national assets to international investors. Independent bodies, including Amnesty International, criticized Thaksin’s human rights record.

Shinawatra’s visit to Montenegro caused a great deal of media speculations in the country, as well as political debates over the actions of Montenegrin government that already faced allegations for issuing Montenegrin passports to several persons who are on the Interpol “wanted” red list. Some opposition politicians claim that Montenegro is slowly becoming a safe ground for all those who need to escape from the justice and continue their large businesses. Some analysts say that this is going perfectly well with the essence of Montenegrin ruling regime, which is already becoming prominent as one of the most corrupt in Europe, while its Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic and other high officials are accused and under investigation at Italian courts for tobacco smuggling, money-laundering and other criminal activities during the 1990’s. (read more here)
Montenegrin government denied those claims, explaining that constant positive statements from the EU officials about Montenegrin progress, are the best confirmation of the current government’s position.

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  1. dear sir:
    Mr.Thaksin had killed more than two thousand people in our country during his administration. He is wicked and mean, he is devil, I am quite sure that he will cause a lot of damage is he can set foot in your country. You can get information from the British people who suffered from his ownership of Manchester city football team. Please, for your own sake, don’t permit him to live in your country. Mr. Thaksin is terrorizing Thailand now. You can hear from the news world wide.

    A patriotic Thai

  2. Thaksin is the worst priminister in Thai history. He is corrupted. When he was in power, he did everythiing to benefit his own businesses. he was found quilty by Thai justice and he is a political refugee. I suggest he gives up Thai passport to be your honoured citizen.

    It will be the biggest mistake your country honours this man as your citizen!!!!

  3. To whom it may concern,

    Would you consider the reasons why countries such as The UK, Germany and The USA do not allow him to even put his foot on their lands? There is no need to discuss about giving him any other privileges. In addition, it is amazing how you can be sure he wouldn’t bring difficulties to your country especially with The EU.

  4. To whom it may concern,

    Thaksin is the very dangerous person in the world,because he trys all the way to destroy his country-Thailand ,by medias by his money, by phone in, he leave Red people to fight for him on the road,but his shinnawat family still pay money to buy hotel, buy Hermes , buy luxurious cars, sit on the very comfortable seat and drink expensive vine.If your country decided to get him, don’t forget that “He can do everything that destroy his country ,and what about you?

  5. Thaksin did everything for himself and his family business. The poor are paid to support himself and anti government. He is not only a criminal he is also the worst evil you ever seen.

    Please get him out of your beautiful country.

  6. Only few words to tell you that mr.thaksin shinnavatra is crooked, big lier , big cheater, greedy, selfish, take advantage of others (even his own country’s property – he could destroy thailand and thai society for his own satisfisfaction,etc.), he would do everything for his own benefits & most profits. If you want to know more about this crooked-guy, you may search from google by typing his name “Thaksin Shinnawatra”. Mr. Thaksin is prohibitted to enter all those developed countries, such as England, USA, German, Japan, Main land China, and etc. Be watch out if you allow him to settle in Montenegro, he could be the most danger person !

  7. Thaksin is corrupt and dictatorship style.
    every dictators in the world will be his best friends.
    he become richer cause his deal with coup leaders in the past.
    he ‘s bad than Saddam , Hitler .

  8. He is scolding the noble man. (Gen. Prem) He mentioned the hierarchy in Thailand. He said he hated the supportive culture in Thailand. But not long ago, after the revolution in Thailand (1991), he went to lobby the head of the soldier at that time to ask for satellite concession which he later sold to the Temasek Holdings. He started his from being an owner of movie theatre in his hometown. He quit and started selling clothes, and he quit. Twenty years later, he is in the top five of the riches people in Thailand. How come? We might hear from the news that he owned the Manchester City football club in Britain. Where did he get his money? During his administration he regulated the law to support his business. He gave money to the poor pretending that the money was his, but it’s the tax of Thai people and because of this some people who are far from the news think that he is a kind of God who saves the poor. They can die for him now.

    He keeps talking about the democracy. Voting is the only one way to prove the democracy in his thought. His party gave money to the people for the election. And when the Election Commission found out, their party was dissolved. And it is not the first time, his own party (he owns the party) Thai Rak Thai (thai loves thai) was dissolved. The second party, People Power Party was dissolved from cheating the election also.

    What else?

    Keep your eyes open, though!

  9. I’m just wondering why your country would want a person like Taksin to be your citizen when Thai people want him to give up his citizenship in his own country? I believe Hitler will call Taksin his best friend if he was alive. Thank God they were not born in the same era.

  10. Sir,

    Thai people are wondering out loud why the fugitive former Prime Minister of Thailand was granted citizenship to your country and now holding a Montenegrin passport? If I understand correctly, no applicants will be considered when apply for Montenegro citizenship if that foreigner is a convicted criminal. Anyhow, he is now showing off his Montenegrin passport and announced that he was granted the citizenship. He was first convicted with 2 year jail sentences and jumped bail and now his US$2.5 billion is confiscated by the verdict of Thai Supreme Court as ill gotten gain when the case was presented by The National Counter Corruption Commission against Thaksin, his family members and his government in 2008. Also the order for extra judicial killings which more than 2500 lives were lost was ordered by Thaksin.

    I don’t think your proud country wants to be known as safe haven for drug lords, criminals and fugitives on the run and hope that your government revoke the citizenship of Thaksin following the example of the United Kingdom and Germany that refused to grant visa to this fugitive and label him as persona non grata.

    Sincerely yours,

    Center for Strategic Studies
    Bangkok University, Thailand.

    ***Summary of Court Verdicts and Corruption Charges – Fall of Thaksin

  11. Dear Sir,
    While Mr.Taksin isn’t even grateful for his motherland and aims to destroy it when things don’t go his way and also he is a great danger for the democracy and the highest institue of the country, why will he be grateful to yours? Parhaps all the time he’s staying there he’s planning to be the next leader of your country as he’s seeking a place he finally belongs to. May I ask if it’s worth it to risk everything you have been building over years ( security, constitution, nation’s property, etc) on a man who has been rejected by many countries? How can you see him walking round showing your passport to the press and the rest of the world? Isn’t it shameful to see an ex-dictator priminister and criminal waving it around? At least for the sake of your country’s future and your people please take this to the consideration. You don’t want to see your nation and people get seperated into colors and one of them is red.
    Wish you all the best, stay safe and keep away from ” HARM “

  12. Is the EU going to show that they support corruption person? This will show they attitude about corruption.Taksin is not just corruption he put Thailand in a bad situation just for regain his power and Money.

  13. The red shirt has the protest for Taksin. Taksin pay the money for them to do the protest. Taksin wants to destroy THailand. (Stupid person can do everything for yourself). Go to hel,Taksin!

  14. Do you know where Taksin is? If you know …give him the gun to kill himself

    and return the peace to Thailand. He is the bad guy. He should not be alive


  15. By all means, please do not let Thaksin Shinawatra making any ill political movements via internet video link in your country. In doing that it can be interpretted by Thai people that the government of Montenegro is supporting his movement against the Kingdom of Thailand. Please stop him from putting Thailand into turmoil for his own interest. Thank you.

  16. Thaksin Shinawatra will become known as the most dangerous person to hold an official office in any country since the 2nd World War.

    His supposed wife, family and extended family are virtually as bad, colluding with his secret ways and corruption, of which they are well aware – even worse, they play integral parts in the deception.

    That man has destroyed peace in many minds and hearts by his shameless actions. A last comment – the day will come when the world ceases to refer to that man as “Thaksin’ just as the world does not refer to Hitler as ‘Adolph’. He will be known as ‘Shinawatra’ and fall into the same category of the scum of humanity.

  17. By all mean….it is about time your country steps out and explain why you granted the nasty the citizenship. Have you now heard of what he has done? Or are you proud to have him and his big wallet, which he stole from the thais. This man is selfish, lier and self-centered. He asked Thai people to fight against each other, using their sweat and tear while he is having tea in your land.

    And yes do considerate why UK and USA kicked him out. I understand that your country positions yourself as TAX HEAVEN, but taking this Thaksin guy in??? Com’on….he got big wallet but is heartless. Think about it again.

  18. Citizens are not proud of newcomer criminal into country,but can do little to stop that.Criminals around the World have closer connections than prosecutors.

  19. All governments that Thailand has ever had are corrupted according to what I’ve seen and been told the past 20 years. It got progressively worse. Drug lords and illegal underground gambling were (and now again) as poison to an already sick baby and on rapid rise. Taksin radicated them using drastic measures. Sure! He may have told he police to kill on sight the suspected drug lords and dealers. But they’re selling drugs to kids as young as 12 years old!!! Hundreds and thousands of illegal drugs were ceased on a daily basis!!!! If police catch criminals worth millions of baht ready to be distribted on the streets.. Don’t u sit there at home cursing them and say they deserve to die?? Taksin doesn’t take bribe.. He doesn’t need he money. And Health care from government to the poor were ridiculous. If u’re a poor man from the country earning just a few measley dollars day wih not enough to eat and unlucky enough to have cancer or heart problem, underthe previous governments, they would get nothing from the government. Under taksin legislation those people can now use the hospital and get consultation, treatment and medication forever for equal of $1 per visit!!!!! It didn’t exist before taksin came along!!! The country has so much debt with the world bank that Thailand has absolutely no chance in he’ll to ever lift it’s head above it. And with taksin in government he’s able to raise money and made that debt manageable and was on it’s merry way to Lear the detb!! Thailand was almost out of debt fromthe world bank!!!! Why? Cos he got rid of the drugs and illegal gambling and made something better of it for the people of thailand. And people may say he’s selling the country… But.. The country was going down as dogs breakfast anyways with the way previous and now current government is running. Eo he sold shares to the other countries. But it’s not like he picketed the money!! The money was used to regulate the countries finace!! Feed and support the poor, created new opportunities and jobs for everyone.. Made it harder for other corrupted officials and business harder to operated. Good for him!! Those who has a lot to loose hates him. Those are all yellow people. Goventment and military offiials were eating gold under the table from corruptions and bribes from criminals and businessmen to get their ways. and then here was that of his shares and his billion bath profit. U stupid yellow people don’t care to look up what law he actually broke right? He didn’t break any. He found a loop hole and it’s not illegal. Government only force the justice system to create new laws to suite their gain creating his downfall. I can go on but what’s the point. All u yellow shirt supporters will only see the bad and not the goodOf what taksin had done for the country. you shut down the airport for days and you got a slap onthe wrist with absolutely no legal action. Yeah… Great job shutting down the airport.. Let’s show other countries how f**ked up Thailand is. Taksin is corrupted I’m sure. But show me any government in the history of Thailand who weren’t. Show me a government who benefited the country more than he ever has. When u fairly weighs the pros and cons of the past 50 years of government, the you can make an educated decision of who better to run the country. Taksin the businessman or Aphisit the coward puppet

  20. Reading the mail of ‘Red Red Red’ above confirms my belief that Thaksin Shinawatra has infiltrated the minds of so many people in an fundamentally bad way. One only needs to read that email to understand that. It used to be called ‘brain washing’.

    The countries of the world which have much impact on fair global treatment have made their decisions and cancelled that man’s visas. Furthermore, and tragically, those who have supported him are continuing to destroy a beautiful country – Thailand. They will have their eventual rewards by finding it difficult to get paid work – it is almost too late.

    Wake up and realise that the damage you are doing is going to hurt you. Your actions are spreading the thought that the rest of the world will have to forget about Thailand and leave it to you to fight amongst yourselves.

  21. To whom it may concerned,
    Please don’t let Taksin into your country. This is the warning. He is the terrorist only considering on his family and himself’s benefit. He’s the expert in causing termoil to divide people into groups and eventually against any governments that he wants to.
    He’s too dangerous to your beautiful people and country. Please don’t fall into his trap. Thank you.

  22. Almost people here are people who dont like Taksin because of the rumours. It s not all Thais that dont like Taksin, Just only some. Most of us like him but we have no such internet and facilities same as in urban areas. U dont have to trust anyone.. He’s very good to push ur country forward.. Now thailand’s economy is doing down since he wasn’t here.. I like Taksin n I believe that u will like Taksin too..

  23. Even me from singapore, hate him so much… Sucks man. If he don pay money to the red shirts. see if they will support him…
    Supporter in the back row getting 500-900… front row jumping n shouting like money are the leader’s getting 2000… all rate are per day. during the thai new year rate *2… that’s why all the red shirt people sell their lives.

    during the bomb incident, how pity that the thai lady want’s to save her mother, those red shirt’s basterd took her mum away and cause her dead.

    if i’m the army, i will take a m-16 shoot at all the red shirt dead. cause harm to their country. idiots and brainless.

  24. all thai-chinese like Thaskin including the ywllow shirts should be kicked out of Thailand and leave Thailand to the real thai

  25. Dear Taksin,

    Your a fake. Your degree from Sam Houston University is under review for plagerism. You cannot even speak English well, how did you get a doctorate from an American university. Did someone else write your disertation. You are a FAKE.
    Even your son cheats in Ramkhamhaeng University test to pass. Maybe you taught him how to do that too.

    For your killing of the drug suspects, many were innocent. Its okay, because God now has a plan for you, your money and your family.

    In my vision, God has now placed the seed of cancer in you. The process will take you down a long and painful road. You will return to Thailand, but not as you think. The money that you manuevered to gain your wealth will, after your passing bring misery, death and ill health to all those in your family who touch it. It will be the final chapter in the Shinawatra family saga.

    A family that rose to power, and fell to the bottom all within two generations. You have enraged God with your actions and now God will release His rath urn His will on your descendents.

    Enjoy the fruits of your money and power. You have comdemned your entire family because of your actions.

  26. It seems that Mr. Tak Sin could not get justice and can be back to Thailand until having the Monarchy in the country. Its clearly seen directly that the king was behind the coup to remove him but cos of Lese Majeste law in Thailand stops taking in this issue. Thailand people have been injected with the praise of Royal family which actually the people don’t know at all. The King is kept in dark by every side as his inner circle is no one other than the Military circle who don’t want the popular Government to run the country and want only the Military commaned Government in the name of Royal family.Anyway sooner or later the Thailand people must know that what the country need is a real democracy not praising the King democracy.

  27. Sad that so many good people have been tricked by a bad man – His name will be remembered in history for trying to destroy a country. He has no shame and his evil behavior will be understood by everyone in time to come. His face says it all!

    He is responsible for the recent deaths in Thailand, there is no doubt. Thai people who have joined with him in his evil Red Shirt ways must also take responsibility for being involved in the deaths. The colour Red which they wear is appropriate as they have blood on their hands.

    Sad that he has a serious illness as he and his family will never be able to have peace. All their money, virtually stolen from the people, will never bring them forgiveness. Karma will rest on their lives and those who have supported the man.

    Thailand, once a wonderful country to visit, with kind good people has been destroyed.

  28. I used to visit Thailand often and have loved the country and the people but I agree with the comments above.

    Most countries around the world are warning people not to go to Thailand. It is amazing that Thaksin has hoodwinked so many. He is well named – Thak SIN.

  29. Although I am a child but I know everything he has done.

    Every country where him the step in will enter to the ruin.

    God will punish him.

    He is a devil!

  30. Dear Onnichan,
    You are completely correct. He is a bad man who has destroyed a good country. People from other countries do not want to visit Thailand anymore. Do the Red shirts realise this? I don’t think so. They think tourists will come back after they have stopped the fighting – but they will not. You can close all the shops because no one will have any money to spend.

    I wish your country was as good as it used to be but I will not come back and spend my money and give to the poor people as I did so many times. I have given a lot to the poor people of Thailand over and over but NO MORE.

    It is so sad that the poor people will suffer in the days to come with no jobs and not enough to eat. The person who has caused this is that dreadful man – I will not even use his name as it makes me feel sick to say it. Do they realise that he has stolen from them? I don’t think they understand. Where do they think he got all his money from?

    Goodbye Thailand – it is too late now to change back. Nothing can make it better now. You will be a 4th world nation and the rest of the world will not help you because the Red shirt people are so stupid and have joined with an evil man. They think he will come back and bring them money – how crazy and ignorant can they be?

    Wake up, he has hood-winked you all!

  31. Why can it be that in this century, simple people who want to live in peace are prepared to kill? The Red Shirt people do not understand that Terrorists are among them and making them continue their violence.

    Those people who call themselves Red Shirts don’t realise that they have put Thailand back by many years and when the violence stops, they will have no jobs, no money, there will be starvation and sickness. Then they will cry out for hep but it will be too late. By their bad actions, they will be left with nothing and dying in the streets.

    Tourism is dying in Thailand as there are other beautiful countries to visit instead. Before, it used to be a wonderful country to visit for a holiday but now Red Shirts, wake up and know that you have not only killed people, you have killed your own tourist industry.

    When you do wake up, you will be crying out for help but the world will not do anything because you did not listen to reason and you did not stop your killing.

    The main person who has destroyed Thailand is a bad man and you know who that is and that is true. History will record his life as one who was as bad as others who are now in disgrace.


  32. Viva short live Thaksin
    Viva short live his family
    Viva short live his wife and kids

  33. Look at the faces of the Red Shirts leaders – you can see evil in their eyes. They want to destroy Thailand and all the good people in it. Bad is trying to kill Good.

    Then there are the thousands of simple poor people who follow the leaders and do not understand truth and because that man has given them just a small amount of money, they believe he is good. So they wear a red shirt and think they are doing good.

    When the trouble dies down what will be left? I’ll tell you – There will be no money from that man; There will be no jobs for the poor people; Shops will close; Airlines will no longer fly to Thailand; Starvation will be for the poor and no one will want to help.

    That evil man is obviously bad – look at his sad family and what they are. Did that man take care of his family when they were young children? Did he try to stop them from taking drugs? Did he offer them anything else other than money? NO

    All that he understands or cares about is MONEY but when the time comes for him to die, his soul will live on in sadness for what he has done to thousands of people, Thailand, his family and last himself.

  34. Montenegro – as a country – if you and your leaders are to be considered as honorable, you will expel that evil man immediately. If you allow him to stay, the rest of the world will judge you for protecting criminals and that includes his wife and children.

    That man has done the worst thing any father could do to his children – he has taught them to be as evil as himself. He has convinced them that he is right and good yet underneath, he is intrinsically a bad person. Even worse, they now know that but pretend to look away – one reason – they like his stolen money. They are a bunch of thieves as much as he is. Take a look at their faces!

    The world knows this and history will tell of their evil ways just as the world history tells of the evil of Hitler. Hitler and his followers were guilty of destroying many lives. The same reputation and history will follow Shinawarta and his family.

    Thank God, at least I have not reached so low!

  35. You are right. They are a bunch of criminals. May Buddha do something to bring peace to our country.

  36. To the good people of Montenegro. You shouldn’t let the yellow shirt fascists from Thailand dictate (and they are dictators) to you who you should let in your country or not. You are a great and soveriegn nation and the yellow shirt scum should STFU.

  37. Thailand has been a constitutional monarchy since 1932. The political ‘pots and kettles’ has been proverbially dirty to this day. Ones who are updated of Thai politics, cannot helped but notice Puea Thai politicians spare the Thai PM of corruption allegation and heap lots of it on Khun Suthep Thuegsuban the Dep. PM.

    The King of the Thai people who has worked for the good of his kingdom, esp., the poor in the countryside. His act of condescension, through the years of field work all over Thailand, has earned him the honour and respect he, undoubtedly, deserves. Even Khun Thaksin professed to honour him. I am lost trying to fathom the sincerity when the Red Shirts published images of the jack-queen-king deck cards on the cover page. It was AV-Gen. Prem-? for the king card. With Amart Pa Prem given the queen card, the red core leaders were ruthlessly and yet delightfully portraying him as a sex-starved homosexual ‘queen’. Thus, every other amart who had visited Pa Prem had to service him in private before any serious social intercourse could begin. Rustic peasants did not mind some these saucy tales, but some patronizing yellow pricks picked up VD in some not so harmless yarns. The peasants do deserve a little laughabouts after a hard day’s sleeping in a hammock under a bo tree. So they are the ‘amarts’ the psyched-up peasants should overthrow to gain their true democratic freedom from dictators!

    I am confused by Khun Jakkabrop Penkair’s assertion, during a recent interview, that Khun Thaksin would wash his hands in the red movement. Now, we are faced with a guy who had vehemently denied his involvement with the reds, not the least, Men-in-Black! Why the hands washing if had nothing to do with it, washes his hands to avoid getting kick out his new country? or Thai terrorism charges? or fear of H5N1 or Swine fever.?? It is little late, don’t you reckon, my man?

    Dear Shysters, the killings were no gunning down some of growling ‘strayed dogs’. I used to get paid 100’baths’ per tail killing strayed in an intl school I worked in Bkk. Baseball bats were my tools of that nocturnal trade. Lactating bitches were toughest nuts to crack. There was one I put 6 small calibred slugs into her and picked her almost dead body 1/2 mile away. Now that was crime against k9, you say Shyster RA. It was a mini war. Let us let fact-finding people do their work before we point fingers. Why would AV allowed all the protesters by the stage, under the ‘ahimsa’ banners, to go home if he had branded them ‘terrorists’. Shyster Jatuporn and the likes, you had done an excellent job of getting these largely peasant group from N. and NE. of Thailand to abandon reasons but embrace passion. Once they had faith in you, you ask them to lay down their lives for your ‘Thailand’ with Nai Taksin the ruler of this true democracy/republic. The communist front from Mukdaharn had waited long enough for this piece of shit fight. “I would fight the armed soldiers with my bare hands” rang true in the heads of those poor peasants were who truly dissapointed by your running for cover and surrender. That was the faith in you or finally fate of my humble neighbours who were there at Rajprasong May 19, 2010!!! DUPED!!! Meanwhile, the Master Shyster RA, you are paid to repack Thaksin’s rotten ‘subprime apples.’ It appeared you were not aware of the armed men cladded in black who fired M79 grenades on April 10’s night. Retreating soldiers’ ROE arm-wavings were met with more M79 grenades. What cctvs evidence of the massarce? Who made the cctvs cameras point the sky or covered them with black garbage bags? Your huge and beautiful poster for 7Days; 7Pains exhibition at PTP/Pojamarn-Thaksin Party Building was not a complete picture of the suffering of the Thai people. Villagers in my community believe that the eyes, teeth, on-coming M79 grenades, gun barrels and AK 47 bullets should be partially painted on the black backdrop of your glorious poster. You would say that appeared not to my idea of 7Ds; 7 Pains in the arses of these people. The two journalists did not die in vain. Pointing their cameras with lenses will get any nervous young soldiers to shoot in self-defence. The black vest journalist F Polenghi had on could make it his day, I am sorry. Or MiB customized political gain hit. Paraded dead bodies like World Cup. Who wanted AV framed a murderer? Their photographic evidence do help the authorities inch forward to the TRUTH. The dead journalists were the heroes of this historic urban mini war. Something all, with no exception, have to accept. I believe there be more questions than before they seeked for answer. The mini war fought was not Falklands War: Where 2 bald guys were fighting for a comb. jlBorges. Who get to pick the King’s favourite horse (Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces) is the main issue! Khun Thaksin mused the date was precisely timed by the young Thai PM AV–Nov 14, 2010.

    Please respect the almost-all Thai people’s right to love the King. If you think our lese majeste law is stupid and ancient pls flag your national up-side-down! If that your gaol, good luck. One last thing, you are free to hoist the Thai national flag upside-down, really. Hahah! Sawadee Krup!

    Gospel According to Colt. /I am but a fart in the wind. Pass wind or Pa Prem may ‘ard twaw meung’

  38. Would you like to read about The Killing Fields of Thailand Genocide masterminded by former Royal Thai Police Lieutenant Colonel Thaksin Shinawatra your new citizen of Montenegro?

    Supplied by Erik Young (cousin of Secretary General of Nato Anders Fogh Rasmussen)

    Backgrounder on Royal Thai Police Corruption
    Transparency International rates The Royal Thai Police at level 4 … where level 1 = not at all corrupt ..and… level 5 = extremely corrupt .
    One could read this to indicate The Royal Thai Police as 80% corrupt.

    Child pornography has been on sale for many years down Silom Road and Sukhumvit Road and elsewhere in Bangkok and Pattaya.
    The vendors are members of the Thai Mafia. The Royal Thai Police have been taking backhander payments off these vendors of child pornography for many years, more than five years.
    Again a serious crime that poses serious abuses of children is being used a a secondary income stream by The Royal Thai Police. Police stations that actively participate in taking money off the vendors of child pornography include Yannawa, Thungmahamek and Bangrak Police stations in Bangkok.
    In 2006 in Bangkok I found some younger members of the Thai mafia distributing a film clip through the mobile phone network of a girl being sexually molested by five young men. I only watched a few seconds of this one minute long film clip it absolutely freaked me out. Whilst four young men held her arms and ankles and another sexually tampered with her, she was struggling like a wild animal fighting for its life. These young members of the mafia do not go to prison they are protected by their corrupt associates in The Royal Thai Police. I saw this film in the district of Charoen Krung Road not far from the Bangrak Police Station.
    You cannot rely upon a police force that makes money out of child pornography they need to be dis-banded and prosecuted and replaced with a modern structured police force.
    In 2007 I returned from a trip to Koh Samui to find a child pornography DVD placed inside a bedroom draw unit of one of my Bangkok homes. I believe it was planted by members of The Royal Thai Police and their mafa associates. The DVD was not inside the DVD case so I had to play all the unmarked DVDs in my home to try and find the offending DVD but failed to find it. This may have been done by Yannawa police and their agents.
    In four incidents I encountered with The Royal Thai Police they had falsfied confession statements and submitted a series of lies and witnesses statements obtained under duress to the Criminal Courts of Thailand.

    Royal Thai Police Sex Scandal

    I am a relative/cousin of Mr Anders Fogh Rasmussen The Secretary General of NATO and I intend to ensure Bangrak Police Station is prosecuted for their child sex and military grenade money making criminal actions.

    There are several reports of The Royal Thai Police stealing grenades (M67) from the Thai military and selling them for around 1200 Baht each.
    During the Red shirt protests earlier this year it became evident that members of The Royal Thai Police had supplied M67 grenades to protestors. Perhaps the deaths of many people may have been avoided if The Royal Thai Police had been cleared out of the area. The Royal Thai Police were accepting bribes to allow truck loads of used tyres through that were then set on fire causing even more strain upon the military.
    It is reported that 1/3 of all prisoners in Thailand are innocent. I spent five months talking with prisoners in Klong Prem Prison Bangkok. They plead guilty even if they are innocent as a form of risk management, most of the prisoners told me ‘everyone pleads guilty’, to avoid the risk of receiving maximum sentences in the event that their not-guilty plea and pleadings in Court fail to convince Judges of their innocence.
    There are over 80,000 people imprisoned in Thailand who are innocent or have been framed by The Royal Thai Police.

    In the past The Royal Thai Police attacked and shot up the home of PM Kukrit Pramoj, son of a Thai Prince, following a statement he made in public. Thailand’s Ministers cannot solve the problem of epidemic levels of corruption that fuel political instability without the risk of their children friends and families becoming targets of revenge attacks. It requires outside assistance or the problem will continue indefinitely
    I have witnessed severe unprovoked beatings committed by uniformed members of The Royal Thai Police between 2005 up to January 2010.
    I have witnessed four incidents of confessions authored and prepared by members of The Royal Thai Police on each occasion total fabrications and falsfied confessions without any input or interogation of the defendant/prisoner. On one occasion the defendant refusing to sign the confession had a live 17,000 volt tazer held against his chest at heart level whilst demands were made for the defendant to sign the falsified confession (2009 Bangrak Police Station Bangkok).
    In 1989 Bangrak Police Bangkok posing as the CIA offered to kill someone for me who owed me UK £8000. There was a rumour for years that the American CIA were exchanging weapons for Heroin during the war with Laos. I believe it was members of The Royal Thai Police using the identity CIA.
    I’ve spent 25 years mingling with every sector of Thailand’s society and citizens. The Royal Thai Police are the main problem, their threat gagging politicians and preventing the end of corruption. The only solution is to disband the existing police force and open a new modern structured system of policing with new officers. In Thailand the mafia are the police and vice versa.
    An example of The Royal Thai Police killing children and then framing an innocent citizen can be read in the enclosed report
    Link (RTF):
    Link (PDF):
    The Royal Thai Police consider torture as an acceptable means of interogation and action on detainees to be charged/indicted.

    If you look at this film carefully you will see it is members of The Royal Thai Police (like the man with red base ball cap) who are man handling the prisoners.
    The Royal Thai Army do not wear trainers sports shoes when on duty. If you look carefully you will see some of those in part combat clothes are wearing trainer running shoes, these people are members of The Royal Thai Police. It seems to be those that have taken people away, perhaps the nine people that were badly beaten?
    The police have again plundered the goodwill of The Royal Thai Army, wound them up and dumped the blame upon the military. see section 3

    It was Bangrak CIA police (in their little office to the rear of the main Bangrak Police Station) who held a switch on 17,000 volt taser against my chest at heart level when I refused to sign a falsified statement. I signed the statement under duress.

    On another occasion a member of The Royal Thai Police CIA asked me to pay 300,000 Baht (£6000) to have someone removed from some digital surveillance film footage due to be forwarded to Interpol. The Thai person I knew was in 15 seconds of the film footage, allegedly with some major Thai drug dealers in a luxury apartment. This Thai CIA officer wanted me to pay the money and they’d have the film edited. I responded “leave her in the film then she can never be used as a mule/courier”.

    Subject: Fwd: Bangrak Police and their illegal cache of grenades

    Here is some news about an arms cache (possibly stolen by members of Bangrak Police from the Thai military). This cache of arms was found near Bangrak Police Station and the Sriphaya Hotel where they fired a gun at me for no warranted reason whatsoever. They hid the bullet dent by ceramic tiling the underside of the top of the steel fire escape platform 9th floor of Sriphaya Hotel. If you look underneath the top platform you will see white ceramic floor tiles. I have never seen tiles undernath the top patform of a fire escape anywhere else in my life. This was Bangrak Police attempting to conceal they had unlawfully fired a bullet at someone with a hand gun,
    According to Thai law The Royal Thai Police are not legally permitted to shot a gun at anyone until they have first been shot at with a gun by someone else. I was totally unarmed all I had was a cigarette lighter.

    I believe Mr Suksan who may have been living outside Bangkok for sometime may be the victim of third parties connected to Bangrak Police storing grenades they have stolen from the military. Nobody in their right mind would store 4 grenades and launchers plus 750 AK47 rounds ofammunition on property listed in their name. My prediction is with proper uncorrupted investigation he will be found innocent, set up as a scape goat. Bangrak Police will be behind the theft and intended use of these grenades.

    The Southern Bangkok Criminal Court had issued a warrant for the arrest of Suksan Rangwiren on charges of illegal possession of weapons and ammunition.

    On Oct 7 police searched the room and found one rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) launcher, four RPG grenades, and 750 rounds of AK47 ammunition. Police suspected the weapons belonged to Mr Suksan, who rented the room.
    Mr Suksan admitted he rented the room from January to May this year while working as a security guard at the former office of the Puea Thai Party, which is located near the shophouse, but said he did not know anything about the weapons found by police.
    He said he resigned his job and left the room in May and returned to his home in Wanon Niwat district in Sakon Nakhon province.
    He travelled to Chumphon on Oct 2 to visit a relative, Sangwian Rangwiren, who was sick.
    In Chumphon, he contacted police and surrendered on Tuesday after learning that a warrant had been issued for his arrest.

    Pol Col Panudet na Phatthalung, chief of Muang Chumphon district police, said Mr Suksan would be handed over to Bang Rak police for further questioning.

    Mr Suksan is a scape-goat for Bangrak Police and their mafia associates. It is Bangrak Police who need tpo be arrested and prosecuted, they should not play any part in any further investigations.

    In the past I heard some of the police and their mafia discussing how they would share out condominium developments, once they have trashed the government of Thailand. I could not beleive my ears these mafia maniacs were talking about how they’d take over Thailand. They argued about who would get which condo developments as their share of the proceeds of ruining Thailand’s democracy. They must be out of their crazy minds. I heard these conversation on at least ten separate occasions because they were offering some of the expected assets to members of the mafia for helping them ruin the government of Thailand.

    There are some other matters I have learnt about concerning Bangrak Police corruption that I have presented to The Secretary General of NATO and Prime Minister Abhisit Vejajiva.
    Abhisit said he had a chance to discuss the role of Thailand with the UN Secretary General while he was in New York.
    PM Abhisit Vejajiva met delegates at the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) summit in Brussels last week.
    Following Prime Minister Abisit Vejajiva’s visit to Brussels, home of the office of The Secretary General of NATO Mr Anders Fogh Rasmussen he said. “My recent trip to foreign countries is considered successful as I have explained the situation in Thailand to foreign leaders and they have given support to the country”s effort to bring about stability. They want to see Thailand solve the problems under democratic laws (not corruption).

    Bangrak Police Station has prison cells that are very dirty, unhygenic, dilapidated and a breach of basic human rights. It is common practice in Bangrak, Yannwa and Thungmahamek Police Stations fo9r Royal Thai Police officers to prepare confession statements without a formal interview and sole input confession of their prisoner. In every case I have seen the police in these stations have writted the confessions themselves without reference to the content through their prisoner. These statements are 100% falsfied and prepared in order to convict a prisoner to prison, when in at least 30% of cases the prisoners are innocent and did not commit the crimes alleged. The police officers need to be suspended and prosecuted.

    Please write (in Thai or any other language) and complain about Thai police corruption to Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen of NATO via this link

    THAILAND: False criminal cases much more than a problem of money
    An October 17 article in the Bangkok Post reported that the Ministry of Justice there has to pay hundreds of millions of Thai Baht in compensation to people who have been wrongfully prosecuted for crimes they did not commit.
    The law providing for compensation, the Compensation for Victims of Crime Act BE 2544 (2001), arises from the 1997 Constitution of Thailand, which the military abrogated on September 19. Among relevant provisions, section 246 held that
    “Any person who has become the accused in a criminal case and has been detained during the trial shall, if it appears from the final judgement of that case that the accused did not commit the offence or the act of the accused does not constitute an offence, be entitled to appropriate compensation, expenses and the recovery of any right lost on account of that incident, upon the conditions and in the manner provided by law.”
    According to the Post, the head of the Department of Rights and Liberties Protection has urged criminal investigators to get proof before arresting suspects, because his department has to pay out 250 million Thai Baht (USD 6.7 million) for 2890 cases of false charges from last year alone. As its entire annual budget is only 420 million Thai Baht (USD 11 million), it will spread the payments over two years, leaving the question hanging as to where the money will come from to pay those persons who claim compensation this year. The director, Charnchao Chaiyanukij, was quoted as saying that,
    “I would like to call on state officials involved in investigating the cases to collect clear evidence before making arrests, because wrongfully charged people, to whom the government has to pay compensation, account for more than 30 per cent of the cases deliberated.”
    Where large numbers of serious criminal cases can be clearly identified as resting on false charges, something has gone awfully wrong. While the development of a law and office for payment of compensation to victims of state injustice in Thailand under the 1997 Constitution is laudable, the issue cannot stop there. It is not just a matter of compensation and the problems that it is causing for the limited budget of a small government department. Rather, the claims for compensation are symptomatic of deeper ailments in the entire criminal justice system. These demand many more serious questions. They include the following.
    What is wrong with the supervisory system of the police?
    Criminal investigation is central to policing. Where large numbers of persons are being arrested, charged and tried without evidence, it means that there are serious defects in the police. The organisational structure of the police should guarantee supervision of investigators by superiors, and scrutiny of their work before it is used to deprive someone of his or her liberty. If the problem of false charges in Thailand is to be addressed, it is necessary to deal with this failure of supervision. It is also necessary to address long-recognised structural problems in the police force that have arisen due to its being built on principles of self sufficiency rather than centralised state support and control.
    What percentage of cases is deliberately fabricated?
    Among the wrongful serious criminal charges, while a certain number may simply be due to careless police work, others will have been deliberately concocted against innocent people, in exchange for cash or other favours.
    The police in Thailand are almost universally recognised as thoroughly corrupt and frequent users of torture and other means to extract confessions and falsify material evidence. They also have strong links with the crime world.
    Under these circumstances, it is not sufficient to urge investigators to check the facts before submitting a case. This may simply lead to more sophisticated falsification of evidence, particularly where the charges are serious, as in the cases demanding compensation from the government. The real issues go to the nature of justice and society in Thailand. Is the level of criminal intimidation in the society so high that the guilty persons cannot be prosecuted and innocent ones used instead? Are the police so heavily influenced by criminals that they will sooner falsify cases than seek to locate and charge the culprits? How can these deep institutional and social problems be addressed?
    What is wrong with the laws and procedures on evidence?
    The 1997 Constitution brought with it many reforms aimed at improving the delivery and management of criminal justice in Thailand. It contained specific provisions on the getting of evidence before arrest and inadmissibility of confessions obtained through torture or other illegal means. Notwithstanding, the judicial system in Thailand has still tended to rely disproportionately on police and witness testimony. This makes it easy for police to lodge wrongful charges against innocent persons. One important way to address this imbalance is to place a greater emphasis on forensic evidence, particularly when obtained by independent professionals. In Thailand, the Central Institute of Forensic Science has been a pioneer in this field; however, as it has challenged the established authority of the police it has been subject to heavy attacks and its work unnecessarily hampered. Much more needs to be done to develop the institute and the laws and procedures to admit and utilise reliable forensic evidence from reputed experts in conjunction with testimony. As Thailand is a modern and advanced society with more resources compared to many other countries in Asia, there is no acceptable reason for its criminal justice system to be left behind. Much more attention must be paid to scientific methods of investigation and the bringing of specialist testimony into the courts in Thailand.
    What is wrong with the public prosecution?
    The responsibility of the public prosecutor is to review cases before taking them to trial. However, it is widely known that in Thailand the prosecutor acts with little independence and relies almost exclusively upon whatever is given by the police or other criminal investigators. The prosecutor is not involved in the investigation work, except in some special cases. One person working for the office has described it as a “meatball factory”: whatever it gets, it grinds up and serves to the courts without question. The unprofessional behaviour and lack of independence of the prosecutor’s office also is a serious barrier to addressing the high number of false cases going to the courts.
    The announcement by the director of the Rights and Liberties Protection Department that his agency is struggling to pay off the large number of compensation claims lodged by wrongfully charged persons needs to receive widespread attention in Thailand. It is not simply a matter of budget; it is a matter of justice.
    The Asian Human Rights Commission urges all concerned branches of government to pay serious consideration to his request for evidence-based investigations, rather than evidence-free investigations, and examine the wider implications for their work. Above all, deep institutional defects in the police must be tackled: these have been known and studied for decades but are as yet among the biggest obstacles to the rule of law in Thailand. The AHRC also calls for widespread discussion about the problems among concerned professionals, which could be spearheaded by the Lawyers Council of Thailand and the National Human Rights Commission. They know the problems well, and are in a position to respond to them directly and concertedly. Only this way can the needed institutional solutions be found, and the costs of compensating victims of systemic injustice thereby be reduced.
    Perhaps it is a problem that The National Human Rights Commisson is staffed in part by former members of The Royal Thai Police some of whom were acquainted with former Royal Thai Police Lieutenant Colonel Thaksin Shinawatra who is officially listed in Thailand as a terrorist and criminal (by conviction).

    Erik Young

  39. it is no surprose that fugative criminial thaksin shinawatra would find refuge in a place like montenegro. what is it they say? birds of a feather flock together?

  40. Over a year after the Thaksin-funded insurgency kicked off. And Thaksin is still running around as a Montenegran citizen. I do hope that other Montenegran citizens realise that your country is considered as a “criminal haven” and that can’t help your chances of developing your country, both internally and externally. Good luck… with politicians that are willing to let this kind of bad guy in, you will need it.

    Some who either have followed CNN (worst reporting I have ever witnessed last year) or have not read up on his history might wonder if he really is that much of a bad guy. I would put him up there with the worst of bad guys from James Bond films. He’s a sadistic, egotistical, murderous, lieing, corrupt megalomaniac who thinks nothing of thousands dead to further his own needs. His interests are purely about becoming answerable to noone and lining his own pockets.

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