Montenegro and European Union

Governments of Montenegro and Italy will launch an investment project worth EUR 720mn – an underwater electric transmission line. Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic visited Rome (February 6th 2010) and discussed with his Italian colleague Silvio Berlusconi about wide array of issues.

Italian delegation headed by prime minister Berlusconi emphasized that Italy now becomes the no 1. economic partner to Montenegro. Before this project, Italy was on the 14th position on the list of foreign investments in Montenegro. Both prime ministers stated that this is just the begining of cooperation between Italy and Montenegro, as several more projects in field of energy were planned in the future. Economic cooperation was also in the focus of talks between the economy ministers of two countries, Branko Vujovic and Claudio Scajola, who signed an agreement on the construction of an underwater power cable connection. Montenegrin delegation also included Foreign Minister Milan Rocen.

PM Berlusconi said that Italy will continue to support Montenegrin efforts to join European Union and NATO. He also pointed out that “PM Djukanovic is one of the best politicians in the Balkans region”.

However, local medias and opposition leaders in Montenegro had a lot of negative comments about this meeting, since it is already third time that two prime ministers are meeting in a year, and both of them face similar issues with accusations for corruption and ties with organized crime. Montenegrin prime minister Milo Djukanovic is also under investigation by Italian authorities for what is believed to be one of the largest tobacco-smuggling operations in Europe, which caused an estimated $700 million annually in losses to governments and legitimate merchants during the 1990’s. Mr Djuaknovic served four terms as Prime Minister of little Montenegro, and is also the long-term President of Democratic Party of Socialists (created from Communist Party) governing Montenegro ever since the introduction of multiparty politics. He was political ally of Slobodan Milosevic in the 1990’s, supporting war in ex-Yugoslavia, but later turned towards pro-western ideals and brought independence to Montenegro. (read more about his controversial biography)

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  1. Berluckoni with Dukanovic is a evil for INDEPENDENT Montenegro and thay wish end a colony of MONTENEGRO just for own interest.
    Rol Your cabl and get out of Montenegro lier…

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