Montenegro and European Union

Chief of Montenegrin Mission to the EU – Mrs Slavica Milacic stated that “Montenegro could obtain a status of “candidate country” for membership in the European Union, until the end of 2010.” In her interview to daily newspapre “Vijesti” (January 31st 2010), she expressed satisfaction with the progress made by Montenegro in the past three years and stated – “We had great success. We had a long way to go, from the initial negotiations and first agreements between EU and Montenegro, until arriving to the phase of preparations for the status of candidate country. Now, even though I am carefull with any projections of dates, I believe we could get a reccomendation for opening membership talks by the end of this year”.

Last EC progress report on Montenegro shows that the country’s relations with the EU have been positive and that Montenegro continued to make progress in fulfilling political criteria. However, the report emphasized that country continues to suffer from a lack of administrative capacity. Also, the European Commission report (presented on October 14th 2009) points out that great issue still remains fight against organized crime and corruption. This was the 4th progress report on Montenegro.

EC promised earlier to inform the opinion on Montenegrin candidacy for full membership in the EU, the so called avis, next autumn.

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  1. With the economy in such a fragile state and unemployment running so high it is going to be very difficult to quickly stamp out corruption without adopting a Pinochet-style ‘cleansing’.

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