Montenegro and European Union

Montenegro submitted answers on EC questionnaire on December 9th 2009. Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic visited Brussels and gave the answers to the European Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn. Many other govrnment officials participated in the ceremony, including Minister of Finances Igor Luksic, Minister of Foreign Affairs Milan Rocen, Minister of European Integration Gordana Djurovic, as well as Chief of Montenegrin Mission to the EU, Slavica Milacic.

Montenegrin European Integration Minister Gordana Djurovic stated that more intensive talks with the EC should begin in January, and the dialogue could last several months.
Preparation of the answers was succesfully completed, thanks to the several thousands state officials, as well as domestic and foreign experts. European Integration Minister Djurovic said that answers are consisted of 12 books with 4.433 pages.

Many independent analysts, as well as leaders of some prominent NGO’s in Montenegro, claim that answers to the EC questionnaire have been embelished and „beautified“, in order to look better. They accused government of using statistics which has little to do with reality and that facts about many issues are much worse that the description in the answers.

The questionnaire was received on July 22 in Podgorica, and includes detailed questions regarding reforms being made in Montenegro on its road towards EU integration.

NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs invited Montenegro to join Membership Action Plan

NATO Alliance decided to grant Montenegro’s request to join the Membership Action Plan, which is NATO’s program of assistance and practical support created for the individual needs of the aspiring members of the Alliance. The Allies also stated that Bosnia and Herzegovina would join the Membership Action Plan (MAP) as soon as they achieve progress in reform.

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen had good words for Montenegro: “I congratulate Montenegro on their success. It’s the result of hard work. And with a sustained effort at further reform, today’s invitation to join the MAP will be a stepping stone to the ultimate goal: full membership in the Atlantic Alliance”.

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