Montenegro and European Union

Fourth inter-parliamentary meeting between delegations from Montenegrin and European Parliament took place in Podgorica this week.

Eduard Kukan, chief of EP Delegation expressed his hope that Montenegro will fulfill the remaining obligations for the visa liberalization, so that citizens of this country could travel freely into Schengen countries, starting from January 1st, 2010.

He also advised Montenegrin colleagues to focus on quality of reforms, instead of the doing things fast.

Members of EP pointed out that “strenghtening of institutions, rule of law and fight against corruption and organized crime must be priority for Montenegro”, and the Parliament should play leading role in this process.

Member of Montenegrin Parliament delegation, Nebojsa Medojevic (who is president of Montenegrin National Council for European Integration) emphasized that corruption and organized crime is political issue, but also judicial and issue of security, since Montenegrin Prime Minister has been under 7 years long investigation for leading tobacco smuggling operations in the 1990’s.“ (read here more about contraversial role of Milo Djukanovic who is leading the country for last 20 years)

Recently, a series of articles and interviews appeared in Croatian and Serbian media, pointing out that possible solutions for large number of unsolved cases of organized crime lays in Montenegro, specifically, close to the Prime Minister. A series of attacks was delivered by Mr Ratko Knezevic, former head of Montenegrin Trade Chamber in United States of America, who explained deep connections of Milo Djukanovic and his friends, with one of the largest tobacco smuggling operations in Europe. (read here more about the investigations)

Members of European Parliament were also interested in issues of woman rights and their participation in the government, as well as rights of sexual minorities. It is expected that anti-discrimination law should be soon adopted in Montenegrin Parliament.

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