Montenegro and European Union

We wrote recently about the first student protests in Montenegrin history. Now, the protest are continuing and student groups will gather on October 10th, in Cetinje, old royal capital of Montenegro. Students also wrote a protest note to the International organizations in Montenegro, arguing that it is “unbelievable for OSCE, Council of Europe, UNICEF, UNDP, Save the Children and other organizations, not to raise their voice about the disturbing situation in Cetinje, after more than 35 days of protesting”. Today, Montenegrin Prime Minister had an urgent meeting with representatives of the students, in order to solve the problem that escalated more than one month ago.

On October 7th 2009, student groups organized a first massive demonstration in Montenegro, ever. Unlike neighbouring Serbia and Croatia, Montenegro never experienced student protests or other forms of youth rebelism. The reason for the first student gathering in the capital of Montenegro – Podgorica, is unacceptable politization of Montenegrin education system, and influence of party clerks who are being unlawfuly positioned in every single institution, starting from kindergartens to State Universities.

Motive for the protests was huge scandal that occured in Cetinje, old royal capital of Montenegro. Legally elected director of local high school was forced to step back, by the Ministry of Education that proposed their own candidate who was, by no means, political clerk from the ruling regime. All students of the high school, as well as their teachers and parents, stood up in defending the legally elected school director. The students are refusing to go back to classrooms until the government solves the issue. It is already more than ONE MONTH since the outrageous scandal from Montenegrin Ministry of Education, and still the problem is not solved. All students are undoubtly convinced that justice is on their side, so they persist in their decision of not entering into the school until the problem is solved. In the meantime, they organize public classes every day, while a great number of Montenegrin intellectuals, politicians, artists and other citizens supports their actions.

For the first time, public sphere is united in supporting the voice of the youth against the political appointments in educational institutions, as well as in all other spheres of life. In small Montenegro, this is very easily visible, and through such appointments, ruling regime manages to control every aspect of social life in Montenegro.

Most analysts believe that Government of Montenegro is not sincerely interested to accept the fact that they made huge mistake in this case, because it would encourage even more people to begin protesting and pointing out the other outrageous acts by the regime, that are visible in every corner of life.

This is another reason why Montenegrin students from various Universities as well as high schools and other institutions, organized, for the first time, a protest walk in the streets of Podgorica, in order to support their colleagues from Cetinje, and to raise their voice against the big injustice that is happening in Montenegro.

On the Conference of Ministers of Education (April 2009), the only State University in Montenegro, was evaluated with “2? for the quality. Also, on the Conference in Lodnon (2007), it was emphasised that “University of Montenegro is individually politicaly governed.”

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