Montenegro and European Union

XI Conference of Chiefs of Defense from US-Adriatic Charter 5 member countries was held in Montenegrin city of Budva this week. Adriatic Charter is association of countries from Adriatic (Balkan’s) region with purpose of fostering their attempt to join NATO. It was formed by Albania, Croatia and Republic of Macedonia, and joined by Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina in December 2008. On April 1st 2009, Albania and Croatia became acquired membership in NATO.

Apart from the regional cooperation and discussions about the steps that should be taken in order to progress towards NATO membership, there have been a lot of other subjects which intrigued media and public sphere. What was whispered and asked by many journalists, on the margins of the conference, was the idea that missile defense complex will be built in the Balkans region, instead of Poland and Czech Republic. It was reported that those ideas were not discussed at the conference, but it was neither confirmed nor denied as a possibility for the future.

Considering the fact that Balkans is still very fragile region with easily manipulated masses of citizens, and run by ex-communist political regimes that are often unstable, not so democratic and prone to outside influence, many people are worried that missile defense project might be, indeed, planned to be built in this region, without too much protest, but with heavy price in the future.

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