Montenegro and European Union

Since this is the only English-language blog/news service focused on Montenegro and its politics, we decided to launch new project, called “Open Montenegro”.

Since young Montenegrin state still has a lot to learn about democracy and freedom, most of media are controlled by the government and the ruling party. That’s one of the main reasons why group of prominent bloggers and independent journalists decided to form informal alliance and to occasionally publish their articles and opinions on this portal.

Montenegro is willing to become member of European Union, and we, the citizens, believe that becoming part of EU, without achieving most of EU standards, has no point. Therefore we established “Open Montenegro” as a citizens contribution to the pro-European aims of Montenegro. Nevertheless, we will openly share our opinions and comments about positive and negative aspects of EU integration, with special focus on developments in Montenegrin politics, and role/influence that European politics may play in it.

Everyone is welcome to join our team, as long as some basic principles are respected. We will strive to objectively report about different subjects which could be interesting to wider European public.

All your comments and suggestions are welcome! This is purely citizens initiative and this project is not connected with any specific political party or ideology. Read more about us here…

Montenegro Open Editorial Team.

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