Montenegro and European Union

budva_coast.jpgMontenegro is again in the spotlight of international press, but this time for different reason.

Mostly, the news are connected to terms like “Russians”, ”booming economy”, ”tourism”, ”coast”, ”development” etc. Most foreign press writes about booming tourism and real estate market of this tiny Mediterranean state, but recently a series of articles about influence of Russia and its rich oligharch’s have been published.

For those who didn’t get a chance to read it, New York Times brought a story named: Despite Crisis, Wealthy Russians Are Buying Up Coastal Montenegro. The article advocates that global financial crisis has buffeted the balance sheets of Russia’s legion of billionaires, but suitcases of cash and Russian-owned luxury yachts keep arriving in this idyllic town on the Adriatic, helping Montenegro earn the nickname Moscow-on-the-Sea.

Read the full article at New York Times…

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  1. Congratulations! From my point of view this kind of direct foreign investments are good and boosting Montenegro’s economy forward. Let’s hope that Russians also invest to tourism facilities and infrastructure around them so that poor visitors – like I – could also visit there. BTW in Finland there is similar trend; wealthy Russians are buying lakeside villas as well urban flats to relax weekend in Finland.

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