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Map of KosovoMost of you heard that Montenegro (together with Macedonia) recognized independence of Kosovo. Montenegro has actually, just one day before recognition, supported Serbia in the UN security council, in order to reconsider Kosovo issue in front of the International Court of Justice. By doing this, Montenegro supported its “ex-big brother” Serbia, and yet, just one day after, pleased the new Big Brothers (EU, USA…) by recognizing Kosovo. One could say – “that’s really good way to do diplomacy!”. But, on Monday, October 13th 2008, pro-serbian opposition in Montenegro organized protests and several thousands people gathered in front of Montenegro Parliament to protest the decision of Montenegrin Government. At the end of protests, a group of young people provoked a clash with a police and that’s how a little chaos was created that evening in the capital of Montenegro – Podgorica. Of course, it is hard to tell who organized and/or planned the clashes, since both – opposition and the ruling regime could have the reason to do it. Therefore, Montenegrin police didn’t allow any new protests and that is how story finishes.

But what is beyond? Why did Montenegro rush to recognize Kosovo, even if only 48 states have done this before it, and majority still didn’t? Now, relations with Serbia are at the worst level (Montenegrin Ambassador in Serbia was expelled from Belgrade), while several cases of damaged cars with Montenegrin license plates in Serbia were reported. Also, media and public anger against Montenegrins is much bigger than the times when Montenegro became independent from federation with Serbia. But all this is irrelevant, because it is not the first time that Serbia doesn’t like Montenegro’s decision. What fascinates is Montenegrin argument that recognition of Kosovo was necessary for the continuation of the road towards EU. The government denied that E.U. or U.S.A. were making any pressure to make this decision, but it was obvious that the whole thing was done in a very strange way.

Facts are:

1) Kosovo is independent and Serbia is aware that this region is lost forever. Therefore, any other actions, in order to “preserve Kosovo’s status” are just part of political games of Serbian establishment, which is trying to “justify” itself in front of the voters who may accuse them of “selling” Kosovo.

2) Montenegro, as well as other countries in the region, would anyway have to recongnize Kosovo, sooner or later, because it is the neighbour state, de-facto independent, so there is no big deal about it.


Many analysts believe that the key role in Montenegrin decision to recognize Kosovo is a mutual benefit of the EU and Montenegrin government itself. EU constantly “plays” with the region, by conditioning countries to do this or that, in order to go “faster” on the EU track. Now, it was necessary to fastly settle down the Kosovo issue and the help from “neighbouring countries” was needed. In Montenegrin case, the essence of this “political trade” is obvious for the citizens. Thanks to this “important decision”, country will perhaps run faster towards European Union, but some of the major problems will remain. Corruption and crime are considered widespread problem in the region, but Montenegro is becoming quite famous for it. Hmm…maybe people still believe that the day Montenegro enters the EU, all problems will be gone… Well, people or Montenegrin government may continue to believe in that, but EU certanly mustn’t.

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  1. I agree that EU sometimes has very strange ways of enforcing its politics, but I believe that Montenegro had to recognize independent Kosovo anyway, because it is reality.. Even if it seems very unfair towards Serbia, the decision will help you to go faster to EU, so why would you block your own way?

  2. I think the world court opinion will put egg on a lot of faces. All it proves that the EU states dont stand for anything merely puppets of the US. Hopefully justice wins and Serbia keeps it borders. Kosovo will and always will be a part of Serbia. US foreign policy of divide and conquer is dead. EU have done nothing to secure a future for the people living in Kosovo. 40% Unemployment biggest drug trafficking and people smuggling in Europe. Ethnic groups partitioned sorry but to me and the eyes of the world huge failure. NATO’s conflicts have all failed.

  3. Montenegro is just another mafia driven state like Albania. Exporters of forged goods. Their president Milo Djukanovic is wanted by Italian police. Elected himself to government to avoid prosecution. Nice candidates for the EU.

  4. Please mick, as the moderator of this platform, I would ask you to watch your comments and participate in a constructive way to the debate.


  5. Sorry Par but its my opinion. Their is no debate here its either you take the US Nato stance or a World stance on this issue and clearly your government has sided with the US. 150 UN member countries have decided to stand by Serbia, International Law and rest of the countries that have chosen to recognise Kosovo are simply breaking the law and contributing to the unrest in the Balkans. Its a very sad,shameful and immoral thing the Montenegrin government have chosen to do. Shame on you Milo. Freedom of speech PAR its a beautiful thing when a democracy works.

  6. Mik, I can agree that Kosovo issue is a very complex one, and you are right on some points – regarding International Law and generally international justice… But, on the other hand, you surely know that Serbia lost Kosovo a long time ago, and it is merely Serbia’s fault for having bad political leadership and bad decisions. The same way Serbia has lost possibility to have autonomy for its people in Croatia (what was offered by international peace plan), but Serbia always had to make wrong decision. Therefore, remember that Kosovo is not independent because Montenegro or Macedonia recognized it, but because Serbia lost it. Fact is that people in Kosovo are Albanians, and they have nothing in common with Serbia.

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