Montenegro and European Union

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This blog aims to follow important events about Montenegro and to present some of the positive and negative aspects of Montenegrin integration process into European Union. We noticed that Montenegrin bloggers rarely write in English about politics and future of their country, so we decided to join EU Blogosphere and offer the possibility to the people in Europe to learn more about this small Adriatic state. And yet – there is a lot to learn, because small countries in this big world, easily show the real essence of politics and global games that are played everywhere.

Instead of large posts, our focus will be rather on small comments, followed by articles, videos and other materials from different interesting and quality sources. Also, if anybody has questions about Montenegro, you finally got your online Montenegrin source who is ready to help.

Open Montenegro Editorial team. (read more about the project at this page)


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  1. This looks as a good way to follow major events about Montenegro (and hopefully other Balkan states). I hope that region will be soon integrated into EU…now it looks like the island surrounded by EU members…

  2. Yes, indeed. Thanks for this blog which will bring some light on Montenegro news and events.

    See you soon,

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