Montenegro and European Union

Last few months have brought significant changes to the Montenegrin opposition landscape. Firstly, it’s important to note that political parties in Montenegro are not entirely defined by strong ideological divide, in the classical sense. Majority of existing parties call themselves ‘social-democratic’ or centre-left. In fact, there is no real competition between progressive, conservative, liberal, green… » read more

Montenegro slowly prepares for the possible start of negotiations with the EU, and Government did several actions in that regard. Firstly, Montenegrin Ambassador to the EU, Aleksandar Pejovic, has been appointed as the chief negotiator for the upcoming talks with the EU. Government is yet to create a team for negotiations although there have already… » read more

Montenegrin students held several protests during the course of last few months. In the beggining, protests were oriented toward improvement of conditions related to studying. Latest protest was organized for the first time by students of Political Sciences Faculty in capital Podgorica. But, their messages on transparents were broader and stronger: We don’t want to… » read more

Montenegrin daily “Vijesti” reported that Germany and France have set out additional conditions for Montenegro, in order to get the date for start of negotiations with the EU. According to this report, Montenegro should amend the Constitution by the end of the year in the fields of the judiciary, report regulary to Brussels regarding number… » read more

Daily newspaper “Vijesti” brought an intwerview with former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro – Branko Lukovac. He said that “European enlargement agenda is currently on the second place and it is good that the Montenegrin Prime Minister Igor Luksic publicly pointed to the possibility that the decision to start negotiations with Montenegro might be… » read more

Montenegrin daily newspaper “Vijesti” reported about the meeting that President of ruling DPS party Milo Djukanovic, held last Thursday with selected Montenegrin public figures (who are mostly identified as “defenders of national identity”). He shared his vision of the situation in Montenegro, the region and the European Union, and it was mentioned that the EU… » read more

Media call Suad Muratbasic “the first Montenegrin whistle-blower”, but the prosecution didn’t even start to investigate those claims, even though several criminal charges were filed. After similar big scandal, when several policemen (Enver Dacic and Mithat Nurkovic) from northern Montenegrin town of Rozaje spoke out on cross-border smuggling and had to leave Montenegro as a… » read more

We’re falling into a trap. After the eternal prime minister, Milo Djukanovic has been moved to the reserve, party position – we began to forget the Democratic Party of Socialists. To lose it from sight. To accept it by being – uncritical, intellectual passive, silent. Political guilt of such omission is – disastrous. It is… » read more

The Balkan Networking Initiative had its official inaugural conference in Budva on 22 May 2011. The Balkan Networking Initiative is a project of the government of Montenegro and Atlas Group. The goal of the conference is to establish a public-private networks and create sustainable social empowerment through cross-border networking. The conference welcome addresses were given… » read more